About us

Powered by innovation and guided by observability, automation and digitalization approaches, SAVIGO enables enterprises to optimize operations and gain better results with less effort.

SAVIGO has its roots in MasterCare, a service provider for Telecommunication and IT industries. Among other services, as MasterCare we have been serving more and more clients with the need to optimize their operations and processes. Since 2011 we have learned about the modern technology, various markets, and growing needs of our customers more than ever. 

We’ve explored the challenges that prevented our customers from realizing their full potential and the barriers that complicated their move towards digital transformation. Now we can honestly say we have solutions to overcome these challenges. That is why we created SAVIGO – to focus on special needs of our customers in terms of business optimization.

A few words about our technological trio and their common passion, vocation for modern technologies, their great experience and knowledge gained over the years that made them join forces and pushed towards creating a company that aims at supporting business: 

The boss of all bosses, a true passionate of modern technologies, his knowledge on these would put to shame many of specialists, a smiling admirer of art and an ubiquitous traveller. He feels like fish in a water when travelling, preferably when accompanied by his children and wife. He has travelled along and across of all Poland and now conquers the brightest and darkest corners of Europe. With technology at his side he plans to go where no one else has been before. Winter does not scare him, because then at any time of night or day he can polish his skiing and snowboarding skills  

He is a board member and also… one man orchestra, extremely precise and demanding, he takes care of almost the whole company and is basically never tired. He believes in measurable effects of hard work and that nothing is impossible or everything possible. Experienced social activist, who dreams about the impact of modern technology for the good of us all. Although working with people gives him a lot of joy, he finds solace in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Our story


Project management services for European Commission and European Space Agency


Project/Delivery services for the leading German mobile operators (Iris DE)


The company provided consulting services and body leasing to the leading company providing benefits and motivation programmes for employees


We were sourcing specialists for local and international projects


MasterCare was founded


SAVIGO was founded


Sourcing services for Polish company providing telecommunication services in the CEE region


The leading mobile network operator in Austria become our client – project management and network delivery


We started ongoing support for one of the largest mobile networks in Poland – system and service delivery


In its first years of operations the company primarily offered services to the telecommunication industry

Our experience

SAVIGO is a powerful software house thanks to people who work here. For years, our professionals have been confronted with various business problems and continued to propose the best solutions to solve them.

We work with best-in-class experts who gained their experience in different organizations: startups, SMEs and global corporations. People who have been successful in roles as IT directors, managers, engineers, developers or DevOps. These are the building blocks to providing top-grade services for our clients.

Our partners

Omdena is a collaborative platform where a global community of changemakers builds AI solutions for businesses. Omdena enables companies and mission-driven organizations by collaborating with a global AI community.
CloudFerro is a provider of innovative cloud services for specialized market segments, such as the European space sector. It’s broad experience in storing and processing big data sets includes multi petabyte repositories of Earth Observation satellite data.
Nextian provides Salesforce consulting, implementation and managed services as well as Salesforce-based vertical solutions.

Our rules

Our rules


If something is wrong, we talk about it


we take accountability for what we do


on time; no email, no phone calls during meetings


everyone can have a different opinion


courage to look for new solutions to learn from mistakes


we respect each other


we act in advance

We are SAVIGO.